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My Actor Story 

My name is Guyviaud Joseph pronounced (giv-e-odd) is a first generation Haitian-American born and raised in Elizabeth and Linden New Jersey. I'm the middle child among my older and younger brother and graduated from Penn State University and with a Degree in Business/Marketing. During my undergrad at Penn State I trained with the theatrical Director the late Dick Caram and studied Suzuki method performance art. As an undergraduate I went on to star in several theatrical productions including the role of Troy in Fences, written by August Wilson.

I went on to work at CBS News as a successful Account Executive for several years, and decided to pursue my passion as a actor. Since the change in my career I have trained with notable acting coaches throughout the New York area; I have trained with world renowned acting coaches Bob Krawkower, Susan Batson and Wynn Handman who have both trained several Academy Award winning actors who praise their methods of training. 

Since my first role in a major network series as a co-star in Unforgettable (2014), I booked a consistent stream of co-star roles, then began booking supporting roles in highly recognized features including How to Tell you're a Douchebag which received the Grand Prize Jury award for best screenplay at ABFF and nominated at Sundance FF. Along with a supporting role in the blockbuster feature John Wick 2 I booked 6 commercials within 1 year and 6 months. Between filming I began to take on roles in production and I have worn several hats behind the camera, working as an Assistant Director for many productions; short films, commercials and music videos. My most recent success is P.O.V: Perception of Violence which I Executive-Produced and played a lead role; the film has screened at Cannes Film Festival with the Creative Minds Group program and the Official Selection at Martha's Vineyard AAFF and Newark IFF.

I am most known for my recent role as Biscuit on Season 4 of Power, I have several other projects in the works including a principal role in BET series TALES and a recurring role in another BET based series. With the success with my career I have helped guide the careers of several actors and have held several workshops on the art and business of acting. Needless to say my world is engulfed with in this craft and art of being an actor. 

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